The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program prepares international students for vocational or tertiary-level study in Australia and other contexts where English is the language of instruction.

The course aims to develop student awareness, knowledge and skills in the use of English as the language of teaching and learning in a vocational and/or university environment.

Learning activities will focus on writing, reading and listening, grammar and vocabulary development, oral presentation skills, research skills and web literacy. There will be an emphasis on the development of critical literacy and critical thinking throughout the course.

By engaging in such activities, students will gain increased understanding in using English to communicate in academic contexts at Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Duration: 2 to 60 weeks

Course Start Dates: Recommended start dates are:

18th April 2017 9th April 2018
3rd July 2017 18th June 2018
18th September 2017 27th August 2018
13th November 2017 5th November 2018
29th January 2018 28th January 2019

Campus: This course is available at our two campuses: Brisbane and Gold Coast

Course Description:

  • 20 hours in-class and 5 hours Self-study/Project work/Assessment Tasks
  • 10 week modules followed by 1 week of structured break
  • Daily Academic lessons based on Academic Language and Academic Skills with a focus on Task production
  • Pathway into selected Australian universities and colleges
  • Regular academic progress checks, counselling and reporting in conjunction with the BROWNS Academic Journal

Entry Requirements:

Exit Points: Click here for the latest information on BROWNS Pathways.

BROWNS English Language School has articulation agreements with many leading Universities and Colleges in Australia including:

Torrens University Southern Cross University CQU Southern Cross University

CRICOS: 03135E

CRICOS: 00219C

CRICOS: 00244B

Sunshine Coast Bond University Griffith College Brisbane Tafe

CRICOS: 01595D

CRICOS: 00017B

CRICOS: 01737F

CRICOS: 03037G

Gold Coast Tafe

CRICOS: 03020E

CRICOS Code: 080398K


Sample Timetable (Schedule A)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:20 – 10:20 Theme Based CORE
Overview of the week's theme: Non-verbal Communication
Theme Based CORE - Listening and Note-taking
practice session
Academic Language Development:
Word formation and pronouns
Academic Research:
How to conduct research and choose appropriate sources
Theme Based CORE:
Panel Discussion
11:00 – 13:00 Academic Reading skills:
Critical Analysis of article
Academic Writing:
Introduction to Essays
Academic Writing:
Planning and Brainstorming Effectively)
Academic Writing:
Introduction to referencing conventions
Writing Grade: 30%
14:10 – 15:10 Research of theme Further listening practice Online Quizzes Reading and Summary writing Online Quizzes
4 hours per night
Summary Practise Essay Analysis Further Grammar practice Outline of writing task Review Discussion

Academic Pathways

So you asked about our Academic Pathways. At BROWNS we have many different academic pathways and direct articulation arrangements to different private partner providers, TAFEs, and Universities in Australia. So for example, after studying at BROWNS you might be interested in going on to do further study in a certificate or a diploma course. For example, Childcare or Physical Education or Cookery. We have agreements with many different providers where if you finish at a certain level at BROWNS you can go directly into these courses without needing to do the English exam called IELTS which they usually ask for to check that your English level is high enough.

So for certificate and diploma courses they usually ask for a 5.5. But we have agreements with these places where they say if you graduate from BROWNS and you bring us your BROWNS certificate, we accept that this course graduation is equivalent to or the same as 5.5. Even further, we then have arrangements with different Universities as well for their bachelor's courses and their master's courses. So you might want to go directly into a bachelor's or you might have finished your bachelor's back home and want to start a master's in Australia. Again, same arrangement; you have to finish a certain level at BROWNS, so our academic classes. And if you get the graduation certificate, you can take that to the University and they will accept that as being equivalent to the IELTS score that they need for you to start your University course.

So we have many, many different arrangements for many, many different courses. For example, University of Southern Queensland, CQU University, South Bank Institute, Metropolitan Institute, Gold Coast TAFE, we have many, many, many partner providers from which we can help you choose so that you get the course that you want to go on to. We have a Study Pathways Club once a month where we invite our partner providers to come in and give you information about their courses as well. So if you're interested, just let me know what you would like to do and we can make sure that we have both a counseling session with me and we can ask that they come and visit you at BROWNS as well to give you more information.

BROWNS: Your Pathway to Success!

When you study a BROWNS English for Academic Purposes course, you greatly improve your chances of success at University, TAFE or College. Our professional teaching team will ensure that you are well-prepared for the English language requirements in your chosen course of study.

BROWNS Pathways

Download our pathways list


English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Haedeun Lee


Pathway: Griffith
Language: English

English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Haejin Park


Pathway: TAFE
Language: English

English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Jinwoong Kim


Pathway: University of
Sunshine Coast
Language: English

English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Zainab Nyangalio


Pathway: University of
Southern Queensland
Language: English

English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Yuriana Lee


Pathway: University of
Sunshine Coast
Language: English

English for Academic Purposes Testimonial

Mary Pacheco


Pathway: University of
Sunshine Coast
Language: English

Download the English for Academic Purposes course guide

Add more to your English for Academic Purposes Program with:
A packaged Letter of Offer from an Australian university
A workplace internship program
Weekly professional sports coaching
Organised airport transfer
Your own Australian homestay or shared BROWNS Student Apartment


Terms And Conditions

  • Offer only available to new students at BROWNS English Language School
  • Students must pass at least 10 weeks of BROWNS EAP & prove enrolment at the pathway provider after the first census date of the pathway provider
  • Offer only valid for the following Gold Coast Pathway Partners:
Bond University Southern Cross University Gold Coast Tafe Griffith College

CRICOS: 00017B
BOND Articulation test will apply.

CRICOS: 03135E

CRICOS: 03020E



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