To be a fluent user of English, we believe that a student needs to be exposed to, and practice extensively, the 4 skills and 4 systems that make up English.

Browns Active 8

Therefore, in our CORE classes, we use a course-book based syllabus which integrates the 8 skills and systems. We ensure that the student receives a balanced learning diet. Each week, we also provide a revision test that checks student understanding across the systems and skills so that students can have a more accurate measure of their progress as well.

In our CORE classes, students will learn the language in context through topics such as relationships, life events, holidays, travel, work and culture. Classes are designed to be motivating and hands-on. We believe the more active you are in the class, the more likely you are to improve, so your lessons at BROWNS are interactive, relaxed and fun whilst remaining focused with clear learning outcomes for you to achieve.

In our Active8 classes, we focus on each language skill or system individually to provide further opportunity for students to improve. We assess the students level for each skill and system and place them in each class accordingly. As a student's skills may not be at the same proficiency level across all 8 systems and skills, this system allows us to pinpoint student weaknesses and strengths and ensure they are working at the right challenge level for each system and skill.

In our Accelerate Further Learning Programme, we take this one step further by providing individually tailored advice on areas for improvement for each student based on his/her class-work. By targeting student's individual needs and gaps in their language learning, we help them achieve more rapid progress and empower them to take control of their learning. Each week, a student's CORE teacher will provide new written recommendations for each student's further study, using the BROWNS Passport system. Students are then asked to use the BROWNS rich resource library to act on this advice. The library is categorised by level and Active8 skill or system.