Pathway to University of Southern Queensland

I come from Africa (Tanzania). I completed the English for Academic Purposes (EAP 5) course in May 2015 at BROWNS Brisbane campus.

I would like to say that BROWNS built my future. They assisted me in learning to write an academic essay, to speak fluently in English, and to find information from various sources such as reading books and using the Internet.  BROWNS lead me to be active in my studies, so now I can do my school work without any problems. They have a nice teaching team and staff, and the teachers make sure that all students in the class understand and do their assessments properly. If you are having trouble using a particular academic word in your essay, or in speaking, BROWNS can help and you will be able to continue with your studying at university.

BROWNS brought me to where I am now. I am in a good position to move on, and next month I am going to start my degree (Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting) at University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Thank you so much to all the team members at BROWNS, I will never forget the experience in all of my life.

I also like BROWNS because they are fair to everyone and accept students from all different nations. They helped me to achieve my goals. BROWNS strives for excellence.

Zainab Nyangalio from Tanzania