Pathway to TAFE Brisbane

My experience at BROWNS was fantastic. When I first came to BROWNS, I was in IELTS class. Even though I have never experienced the test, I learned a lot and improved a great deal. I couldn’t write a sentence at first, but I started to write a whole page very soon.

One of the things I liked at BROWNS is that I could always talk to the future study manager and to the director of studies. I was very surprised that they cared so much about the students. They are so helpful to the international students when they have trouble with their student life. At BROWNS, there are always people who can help, and they are really kind.

I changed my course to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to take a direct pathway to TAFE Brisbane. At the beginning of the course, I didn’t think that I would learn much because I thought I could just go to TAFE by taking IELTS. But by at the end of the course, I learned useful things that I will need for university after the diploma program. Now I know how to write an essay or prepare a presentation.

I had many English teachers when I was in Korea, but I have never met people with so much passion for teaching. As for my IELTS teacher Gary and EAP teacher Kavin, I can tell that they are the best English teachers. I really would like to study more with them if I could.

I think studying in another language is very difficult sometimes, but with great teachers and a good environment, you can complete your future goals.

Haejin Park from Korea