Want to find a job in a café, restaurant or bar?

60 hours of supervised hands-on practical experience will get you ready and build your confidence to stand out to employers.

Taught on our top of the range WEGA coffee machines, simulating a real-life busy café scene on our vibrant campus, students experience a range of essential coffee making skills. No prior experience necessary. Receive 25 hours per week of study: A mix of both practical and theoretical knowledge on all things coffee!

Taught by industry trained professionals, students undertake three units of Nationally Recognised Training – SIXTFXSA005 (Use hygienic practices for food safety), SITHFAB025 (Prepare and serve espresso coffee) and SITHFAB021 (Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol).

BROWNS takes a personalised interest in the delivery of its courses to ensure that students are trained to the highest standard.

Course Description:

  • Comprehensive training in milk frothing techniques for silky smooth milk, latte art, brewing methods, tray service, tea preparation plus more.
  • Develop skills to become more employable in the Australian hospitality industry.
  • Develop hospitality-specific English language vocabulary.
  • Receive a Statement of Attainment for the above three competencies from the Tourism, Travel and Hospitality training package which are nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.
  • BROWNS Barista uniform provided.

Duration: 5 weeks

2024 Course Start dates*: View 2024 Academic Calendar here

Campus: Available at our Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses.

Mode of Study: On-campus

Entry requirements:


CRICOS Code: 080399J
RTO Code: 31998

*Subject to student numbers.


Sample Timetables

This should be used as a guide only and may be subject to change at anytime. View the Barista@BROWNS sample timetable here


Barista Testimonial
Mijin, Korea

“Hi, I am Mijin from Korea. I had a great experience and made many valuable friends in the Barista@BROWNS program.

I learnt about Australian coffee culture, hospitality, hygiene and improved my English. Everything I learnt at BROWNS was very helpful when I was looking for work.

I also promise my teachers are so great. Thanks to them, I could improve my English and get the coffee knowledge and skills. They always said ‘Don’t give up!’.

Now, I am working at a café in Brisbane, so I am super happy because my dream came true.”

Barista Testimonial
Natsu, Japan

"Hi, I'm Natsu from Japan. I came to Australia to become a barista and learn about Australian culture and the coffee industry. Lucky I got a job right after graduating from Barista@BROWNS. I had some experience at a cafe in Japan but soon I realised that it's totally different from Australia to Japan.
BROWNS focuses on hospitality English. For me, taking orders is the hardest part working at the cafe. There are so many options in Australia (milk, beans strength...) Our teacher told us how to take the order and write in short hand. This helped a lot. In the Barista@BROWNS program, my favourite activity is the Live Customer Service days. I learned to organise coffee sections and also good teamwork. The best thing is the wonderful teachers and friends that I met. They are great and I will treasure them forever.

So now I am happy to work at a local cafe. I saw a lot of trials, then I think don't worry about previous work experience. More importantly you need the skills for the job, and personality and passion about coffee. Skills and knowledge you can learn at BROWNS. Just bring your passion."

Barista Testimonial
Victor, France



Barista Testimonial
Ken, Macau

"I get paid per week about AUD$400.
The BROWNS Barista course was fantastic. I learnt the history about coffee, I learnt the art of making cofee.

I worked as a team with my class mates. Also, we had a visit to a coffee factory which was very beautiful to me.

The BROWNS Barista course helped me to improve my English for working in hospitality. Now, I feel I have the confidence to communicate with the customers easily. That really helped me a lot.

It's a great experience for me."

Barista Testimonial
Carolina Agudelo, Colombia

"Hi, I'm Carolina from Colombia.

I would like to share my great experience in Barista@BROWNS.

It was absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed learning all about coffee and food safety. BROWNS teachers are fun and very knowledgeable.

I got a lot of enjoyments out of this course and it was an amazing experience."

Barista Testimonial

Yu-Ta Lin, Taiwan

"I have always had an interest in coffee and wanted to get a job in Australia as a Barista.
Barista @ BROWNS helped me get the knowledge and skills to be able to this.

I now work for Ocean on Omeros on the Gold Coast as a Barista/Bartender and I am so happy.

I appreciate that the Barista@BROWNS taught me the coffee skills I needed to help me get the job.
The professional vocabulary I learnt in English makes it faster to understand and learn while at work."



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