Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Download our Academic Calendar for 2016

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School Holidays for 2016

1st January 2016 10th August 2016
26th January 2016 26th August 2016
25th-28th March 2016 3rd October 2016
25th April 2016 23rd Dec 2016 - 2nd Jan 2017
(Christmas holiday)

School Holidays for 2017

2nd January 2017
New Year's Day
16th August 2017 (Brisbane only)
Royal Queensland Show
26th January 2017
Australia Day
25th August 2017 (Gold Coast only)
Gold Coast Annual Show
14th April - 17th April 2017
Good Friday - Easter Monday
2nd October 2017
Queen’s Birthday
25th April 2017
Anzac Day
21st Dec 2017 - TBA
(Christmas holiday)
1st May 2017
Labour Day

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