Question 1 (Q1): I've got some questions that I've written down that I'd like to ask you.
Answer 1 (A1):Ok.

Q2: At what level should I currently be studying to enter the CAE Preparation Course?
A2: We highly recommend that you are at least in upper intermediate, like high-level upper intermediate, going through to advanced plus and that will give you the greatest advantage to get a good result.

Q3: Ok. How is the course structured?
A3: We cover all the skills that you have in the CAE test so the receptive skills of reading and listening, the productive skills of writing and speaking, and then of course use of English which is the grammar, and that also covers vocabulary. So we cover these every week, each skill, each part of each paper. And of course we try to make it as much fun in the classroom as we possibly can but there are certain times we are really quite serious about things. And of course you do have your two hours of homework every day.

Q4: Ok. And for what reason should one do the class?
A4: The "Can Do" statement that has been released by Cambridge, it actually will give you, if you pass the CAE test, the opportunity to stand on any world stage and perform at a very high business level. So you should be able to attend any seminar, speak confidently, and also write any paper that you need to present in that particular forum. And of course you can enter a variety of Universities throughout the world with your CAE.

Q5: Is there a special coursebook for the candidates to work from?
A5: Yes we do have a coursebook. It's a 10-module coursebook and again it covers all the skills that you need to pass CAE. It's a very complete coursebook with all the grammar structures, the writing styles, etc., but of course we supplement this. So whatever particular grammar point you're doing that week, we will give you extra work to do to cover that and then lots of interactive activities with your peers.

Q6: Ok. And do we get the chance to practice tests?
A6: Yes we have two set mock tests which we do halfway through the course and then just before you do your final exam, and you get lots of extra practice papers to do on the weekend in that time.

Q7: Do BROWNS students get good marks on tests?
A7: Yes, of course we do. We are very happy about our reputation here at BROWNS. We put a lot of effort into your studies, and if you put the same amount of effort in, we are very secure about what your pass will be.

Duration: 10 or 12 weeks

Start Dates:

19th March 2018 (12 week course)
Course finishes 8th June
FCE exam on 12th June
CAE exam on 13th June
10th September 2018 (12 week course)
Course finishes 30th November
FCE exam on 4th December
CAE exam on 5th December
4th June 2018 (12 week course)
Course finishes 24th August
FCE exam on 23rd August
CAE exam on 24th August

Campus: This course is available at any of our two campuses: Brisbane and Gold Coast

Course Description

  • 20 hours in-class and 5 hours Accelerate and homework review
  • Regular practice tests and tasks that allow students to become familiar with the exam structure and a variety of content
  • Covers many genres of English, e.g. formal, informal, business, academic, personal
  • Preparation for obtaining a high-level universally-accepted English language qualification

Entry Requirements

CRICOS Code: 061171J


Sample Timetable

This should be used as a guide only and may be subject to change at anytime. Our Cambridge Exam Preparation course could be scheduled onto any one of the following full time timetables: Click here to see all Sample Timetables.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 – 10:30 Reading
Matching paragraphs and headings
Understanding general meaning
Looking for synonyms
Transaction letter
Understanding the task
Letter structure
Language and content
Cloze activity – building and strengthen vocabulary
Listening for specific information
Use of English
Cloze procedure – using context clues to identify words
Creative writing activity
Language Development
Prepositions, nouns and adjectives
Feelings and expressions
10:35 – 11:35 Grammar
Identifying adverbs and adjectives
Choosing correct adjective and adverb forms
Adverbs of degree – expressing intensity
Multiple choice questions and error correction
Comparatives and superlatives
Pronunciation Stressing content words
Practicing gerunds (-ing forms)
Using infinitives
Distinguishing the two forms
Use of English
Multiple choice questions and answers
Tips and strategies for taking the exam
11:45 – 12:45 Mock Exam
13:45 – 14:45 Reading
Gapped text – reading the paragraph and filling in the gaps
Multiple matching
Awareness raising activity using predicting skills
Formal Application
Letter Having an appropriate register and format
Multiple Matching – demonstrating comprehension
Error correction
Use of English
Word formation
Identifying the noun form of adjectives and adverbs
14:55 – 15:55 Use of English
Word formation – looking at collocations
Forming nouns from verbs
Collaborative task
Initiating, interrupting, offering and closing
Skimming and scanning – two important fast reading techniques
Formal letters
Using accurate grammatical structures
Writing for the target reader
Collaborative Task
Taking turns initiating, interrupting, offering and closing


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Cambridge Guarantee

Download the Cambridge CAE course guide

Cambridge Guarantee

If you do not achieve a pass or above, BROWNS will guarantee you a FREE Cambridge FCE/CAE Preparation course (same number of weeks as your original booking).

Conditions Apply

  • Complete the BROWNS Cambridge FCE/CAE preparation course (10-12 weeks in length)
  • Take the BROWNS Online Placement Test (BOPT) prior to enrolling and follow the BROWNS recommended study plan
  • Take the FCE/CAE mock test in week 1, 5 and 9 of the course
  • Maintain 100% attendance rate, or provide medical documentation for explained absences
  • Receive no warnings for not “speaking English” during the course
  • This offer expires 3 months after graduation from the FCE/CAE Preparation course at BROWNS


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