Prepare for a successful academic journey with BROWNS English Language School's High School Preparation program. Tailored to meet the unique needs of international students, our comprehensive curriculum equips your child with the language skills, cultural knowledge, and study techniques necessary for seamless integration into an Australian high school. Led by experienced teachers, our interactive classes create a supportive and nurturing environment, ensuring a smooth transition and accelerated language development. Students will immerse themselves in the vibrant Australian culture and make lifelong friendships as they prepare for a transformative high school experience. With our strong network and partnerships, BROWNS' High School Preparation program can facilitate entry into 100+ government and independent schools in Australia.

One of the key features of our High School Preparation program is Project-Based Learning (PBL). Through PBL, students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. This innovative approach fosters a deeper understanding of subjects and enhances problem-solving skills, preparing students for the dynamic challenges of high school and beyond. Whether you're aiming for academic excellence or seeking personal growth, BROWNS is your child's stepping stone to a bright and promising future. Enrol now and unlock the door to endless opportunities with our High School Preparation program.

Duration: 1-61 weeks, depending on English starting level, the high school’s entry requirement and visa type

Campus: Available at our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne campus.

Course Description:

  • 20 hours in-class and 5 hours homework review
  • Each module is 10 weeks in duration
  • Daily coursebook-based core lessons followed by afternoon academic skill lessons and assessments
  • Age-appropriate lesson content, tasks and assessments
  • Regular academic and progress reporting

Entry Requirements:

Course Start Dates*:

Students can commence studies at BROWNS on any Monday*, however students are encouraged to commence on the following start dates:

View the 2024 dates here.

Mode of Study: On-campus

CRICOS Code: 091582G


Progressive Assessment

The BROWNS English program features progressive assessment over a 10 week period. Assessment is administered weekly and students are graded on an A-E scale. After completing each 10 week period, students receive an overall grade to determine their successful completion of the course.

Week Assessment Weighting Approximate
1 Speaking 1: Individual Presentation Speaking grade: 10% 5 minutes
2 Listening 1: Comprehension of an oral presentation Listening grade: 20% 5 minutes
3 Writing 1: Short report Writing grade: 20% 250-300 words
4 Reading 1: Comprehension of an Academic Text Reading grade: 20% 500 words
5 Speaking 2: Group Presentation (2-3) Speaking grade: 20% 5 minutes
6 Reading 2: Note-taking & comprehension of an academic text Reading grade: 40% 300 words
Listening 2: Note-taking from a short recorded lecture Listening grade: 40% 7 minutes
7 Reading 3: Note-taking & summary of an academic text Reading grade: 40% 400 words
Writing 2: 3 paragraph comparative essay Writing grade: 30% 750 words
8 Speaking 3: Tutorial style Group Discussion Speaking grade: 30% 5 minutes
9 Listening 3: Note-taking from a live lecturen Listening grade: 40%  
10 Writing 3: 5 paragraph essay Writing grade: 50% 1000 words
Speaking 4: Individual presentation Speaking grade: 40% 7 minutes


Welfare and Accommodation

Living with an Australian Homestay family enables students to engage in school and family life and to quickly improve their English language skills. All families have been carefully selected and are certified with a government-authorised permit (Blue Card) to host international students.

BROWNS works with some school partners to offer Boarding Residences as an alternative to Homestay.

*Excluding public holidays and school closure periods (click here)
*Indicative only. Students may be permitted to start on any Monday as approved by the Head Director of Studies.
* Term dates are for Education Queensland International (EQI) schools. Independent and Catholic school dates may vary slightly.





On your first day, you will be placed into one of the following schedules: Click here to see all Sample Schedules.

Sample Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Core Grammar for the week
Core academic vocabulary for Mathematics
Speaking fluency tasks Pronunciation
Writing for sciences
Listening and Speaking
Reading skills on the weekly topic
Learn reading strategies
Learning new listening strategies Writing – Critical analysis Essay on weekly topic Process writing (drafts, peer marking, final, proof-reading) Spelling test
Prepare for assessment
Functional: High school rules and expectations Functional: Learn how to prepare a Powerpoint
Sport: Exercise outside such as learning how to play cricket
Prepare for Assessment on Monday
Assessment Task Speaking:
Debating a topic such as Should Education be free
Art Class:
Learning about abstract art and creating a class mural
Excursion to the park
Self-reflection Journal. Excursion to the library
Assessment Task Self-learning - computer Extensive reading Self-learning - computer Reviewing weekly language


*Sample timetable should be used as a guide only. Subject to change without notice.


School Activities

BROWNS offers students more than just English language lessons. Students can participate in our free after-school activities which are available exclusively to our High School Preparation classes and supervised by our full time Activities Coordinators.

Activities include: Music club, table games, Lego, arts and crafts, free food days, museum tours, sports, conversation club, nail art, Nintendo Wii, Twister, meet Australian reptiles and more.
View upcoming student activities on myBROWNS: https://my.browns.edu.au/guest/student-activities

Partner Schools

Independent & Catholic Schools

At BROWNS, we are dedicated to providing a diverse and enriching educational experience for our students. In addition to our commitment to academic excellence, we take pride in our partnerships with Independent and Catholic schools that offer unique pathways for our students in Queensland and Victoria.

Our independent and Catholic school pathway partners share our commitment to fostering a supportive and inspiring learning environment. These institutions provide a range of educational programs tailored to the individual needs and interests of students, ensuring a well-rounded and personalised academic journey.

From Junior High School (years 7 to 10) to Senior High School (years 11 and 12), our pathway partners offer academic excellence and integrated university pathways. Students benefit from Australian high school qualifications that seamlessly blend theoretical and practical learning, equipping them for success in tertiary studies and future professional endeavors.

Our collaboration with Independent and Catholic schools extends beyond the classroom, providing students with unique opportunities in areas such as sports, arts, and specialised fields of study. With a focus on safety, support, and competitive costs, these schools stand as excellent choices for those seeking a holistic and top-tier educational experience.

Explore the diverse opportunities offered by our independent and Catholic school partners as we work together to empower students on their educational journey. Click here to discover more about our pathway partners and the exciting possibilities that await.

Government Schools

Queensland Government schools provide students with a wide range of high quality study pathways.
Safety, support, academic excellence and competitive costs make Queensland Government schools an outstanding choice for an overseas study experience.

Queensland Government schools offer a variety of programs to international students at over 70 registered schools across Queensland. Excellence programs are available in golf, aviation, dance, soccer, tennis, basketball, performing arts, fine arts, science and mathematics.

  • Junior High School (years 7 to 10)
  • Senior High School (years 11 and 12)

Academic Excellent and integrated university pathways

  • Internationally recognised high school qualifications that combine theoretical and practical learning to equip students for tertiary studies and professional careers
  • 89.8 percent of Queensland Government high school students gain an offer to a tertiary institution

Quality assurance

  • Registered teachers at Queensland Government high schools hold a minimum of a four year undergraduate university degree, many with postgraduate qualifications
  • Small class sizes: with a limit on the number of students in each class in all junior and senior high school grades.

Click here to see our Government school partners.


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