Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum enrolment period? +

    The minimum enrolment period is 1 week.
  • How many students are there in a class? +

    The average number is 12 students, with a maximum of 18.
  • What is the average age of students? +

    The average age is 24 years old.
  • What is the most popular course at BROWNS? +

    Most students choose to study Intensive General English (full-time).
  • When is BROWNS open? +

    BROWNS is open Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm. The school is open all year round, but closed on public holidays and for the school Christmas holiday.
  • Can I study part-time? +

    Tourist and Working Holiday visa holders can study part-time.
  • I don't know my level of English, how can I find out? +

    You can take the free BROWNS Online Placement Test (BOPT) anytime. You will also take the Placement Test on your first day at BROWNS. This test will evaluate your reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. The results will determine what level you will be placed in.
  • What also happens on my first day at BROWNS? +

    Most students choose to study Intensive General English (full-time).
  • How many levels are there? +

    There are levels of English at BROWNS, from Beginner to Advanced.
  • How many weeks of English study do I need? +

    The number of weeks you need depends on your current level of English, the level you wish to reach and how quickly you progress. You may wish to learn English for further study, for an exam, for professional development, for work or for travel.
  • How is my progress assessed? +

    We believe that students gain most from their English studies through a system of continuous assessment and monitoring. You will be expected to do homework each night, and you will sit a revision quiz each week to check your progress is on track. Your teacher will also check your BROWNS
  • What happens when my English level improves and I need to go up a class or change my course? +

    We test students on an ongoing basis. If you have performed well and reached the appropriate level of English required, your teacher will inform you that you are ready to move up a class or level. Each level at BROWNS is based on 10 weeks' full-time study.
  • Can I do several different courses during my time at BROWNS? +

  • Do I get a certificate at the end of the course? +

    Yes. All students who satisfactorily complete their course will receive a BROWNS certificate. It states name, course studied, dates and length of study, listening, speaking, reading and writing marks, overall performance and attendance.
  • What kind of qualifications will my teacher have? +

    All of our teachers are experienced and professional and hold specialist TESOL qualifications. They receive ongoing teacher development training to keep up to date with the latest teaching methodology and materials.
  • What are the teaching methods? +

    BROWNS Active8 Programme has been carefully designed to be wide-ranging, comprehensive and very practical. We cover the core language learning skills in the morning and give you extra time in the afternoons to focus on specific areas such as grammar, speaking, vocabulary expansion, listening and pronunciation, as well as covering
  • Do I get a Course textbook? +

    Yes! Students enrolled in a BROWNS course will receive course materials according to the Resource Fee Policy. For example, if a student enrols for 60 weeks and starts their Intensive General English course at Beginner Level (level 1) and finishes at Advanced Level (level 6), they will receive a total
  • What materials do you use? +

    We carefully select the best textbooks available to complement our high-quality curriculum. We also use other materials, including audio and video, to cater for the needs of learners. Classes include task-based activities, work in pair or small groups, use of video and internet resources, stories, songs, debates, discussions and writing
  • I want to take the IELTS exam, what should I do? +

    The BROWNS IELTS Preparation Course will help prepare you for IELTS exam. You can sit the IELTS exam at a TAFE or University IELTS Testing Centre.
  • I want to take the FCE/CAE Cambridge exam, what should I do? +

    We offer Cambridge Exam Preparation courses all-year-round which prepare students for the FCE or CAE exam.
  • Which Universities, Colleges and TAFE institutions is BROWNS affiliated with +

    Please contact BROWNS for study pathway information.
  • I am interested in further study in Australia but I don't know where to study. Is there someone who can help me choose a course/university? +

    At BROWNS we have an Academic Counsellor who can help you with your further study options. They can advise you on what is the best course for you, how to enrol at a university and can also write you a letter of recommendation once you have reached the required level
  • Do I get a BROWNS student ID? What can I use it for? +

    You are issued with a BROWNS student card when you begin. It can be used for borrowing books from the library, as well as getting student discounts on meals at cafés/restaurants and movie tickets.
  • Can I use computers/e-mail/Internet/DVDs at BROWNS? +

    Our high-speed Internet and email access is free! The Language Software installed on our computers allows students to receive and send emails in any text. Students are also able to surf websites in any language.
  • Can I use my own laptop at BROWNS? +

    Students can connect their laptops to the BROWNS WiFi network during school hours. Devices should be charged and it is recommended that students bring a portable charger.
  • When can I use the facilities? +

    Computer facilities can be used before class, during breaks and after class.
  • What can I do after class? +

    BROWNS is open until 5pm, Monday to Friday. After class you can use computers, borrow books, watch videos and do your own study/homework. There is a teacher available to help you if you have any questions. BROWNS also offers free student activities. You can view, and register for activities on
  • Can I get a refund if I choose to finish my course early? +

    Please refer to the BROWNS conditions of enrolment.
  • What's the weather like in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast? +

    "Beautiful one day, perfect the next!" The South East Queensland region is sub-tropical and averages 300 days of sunshine a year. Daytime temperatures range from around 30°C in the Summer to around 20°C in the Winter. Even during mid-winter people go to the beach for a surf and a barbecue.
  • What's the time difference? +

    Standard Time: GMT +10
  • Is the BROWNS Brisbane campus and Gold Coast campus in a convenient location? +

    BROWNS Brisbane Campus is a 1 minute walk to Queen Street Mall (Brisbane's central shopping and eating district), 2 minute walk to banks and the post office, 5 minute walk to Central Railway station, 5 minute walk to Brisbane City Library, 6 minute walk to Brisbane River, 15 minute walk
  • Are all your prices in Australian dollars? +

    Yes, all prices stated are in Australian dollars. You can go to to perform interactive foreign exchange calculations.
  • How much money will I need to have (per week) for entertainment, food etc.? +

    It is a good idea to have access to approximately $100 per week (after paying for accommodation).
  • If I want to open a bank account, become a member of a library/gym/video shop etc., What do I need to do? +

    BROWNS can help you do all these things. All you need from us is an Acceptance Letter. This states that you are enrolled at BROWNS and includes your name, address, date of birth and dates/length of study. You just need to take this with any other documents required.
  • What should I do if I need to go to the doctor/dentist? +

    There are lots of good doctors and dentists close to BROWNS in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If you want a doctor or dentist who speaks your own language, we can help refer you to the appropriate person.
  • What kind of activities are there to do in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast? +

    Participating in our activities program is an excellent way to practice your English while having fun with your new friends! Activities include: soccer club, dance club, tennis club, squash club, conversation club, movie club, travel club, boat cruise nights, student parties, pub nights, picnics and barbeques!
  • Where are the homestay families located? +

    All homestay families are located within 50 minutes from BROWNS Brisbane Campus or from BROWNS Gold Coast Campus by bus/train.
  • Can I choose what kind of family I want to stay with? +

    At BROWNS we will place you with a friendly Australian homestay family that has been carefully selected to suit your requirements (eg. a family with young children or a family with no pets, etc).
  • What if I have a problem with homestay or apartment accommodation? +

    Our Homestay Coordinator is available to help you if you have any homestay questions or problems
  • Is there an airport pick-up service? +

    Brisbane International airport is approximately a 10 minute drive to Brisbane city or a 50 minute drive to the Gold Coast. If you wish, a BROWNS representative can meet your flight at Brisbane International airport and drive you directly to your accommodation. There is also a bus coach service and
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