How do you learn? What do you do to learn faster? Do you use the same method when learning English? 

Asking yourself these questions is very important for any learner and the answers should teach you a lot about yourself. However, if you have no idea or would like to learn more about yourself, you should take the time to complete this questionaire. It is a short questionaire from Swinburne University about Learning Styles

Learners can usually be divided into three categories: 

Visual Learners who remember information by seeing or watching something. This usually involves pictures, diagrams, demonstrations or videos.

Visual learning style

Auditory Learners who remember information by listenig to themselves, others or reall sounds. This can include experts, friends or recordings of real situations.

Auditory learning style

Kinaesthetic Learners who remember touching, feeling or actually doing something. This can include experiements, role plays or hands on activities.

Auditory learning style

If you have trouble remember those words, just remember V-A-K.

So…how is this connected to learning English?

You should pay extra attention to class activities that involve your preferred learning style. These activities will be the most effective at helping you understand and remember information. You should also try to do activities outside of class that involve your preferred learning style. If you are Visual, watch something. If you are Auditory, listening to something. If you are Kinaesthetic, do something. These changes should make you a more effective learner.

However, focusing on one learning style does not make you a perfect student. You should also try to spend time developing your learning by trying the other learning styles too. If you can become better at the other styles, you will then become a better learning.

If you want to know more about styles and how they can help you learn, you should speak to your teacher.

Good luck!