This week, EAP2 spent time doing a project to raise awareness for refugees. Below are two entries from two students about what they learnt.



We understood the lives of Syrian refugee people by this activity, which were really bad and poor, children over there at the same age as us in hiding because of the war, they did not have good living conditions, did not have schools to go to.

So the reason we made the poster is to tell you even the world that we really hope that the Syrian people can have a good life, rebuild their homes, they also should be enjoy the world instead of the war!
We were really pity Syrian refugees by this activity ,but we were very young ,we can’t do something to help you, but we would like to pray for you. So we believe you can avoid the danger of the war ,we believe that you are strong enough to face the war. Come On!!!
Finally, we hope the world never war, the people of the world peace.

Sophie (EAP2)



In Syria, there are many children’s families who don’t have a normal life, they always think about their next meal, they don’t have a comfortable environment to study, their country is poor, but their government don’t care about this, they just care about themselves and their family, so our teacher Phillip told us these things. We want to help them, so we draw many pictures and a slogan, we want tell everybody this news, and we want everybody to help them too, wish they have a new life.

When we drew our picture, we all thought about the slogan, like ‘ How can we help them? ‘ or ‘ What should we do? ‘ , and drew on our picture, to tell everyone this thing is very critical, we wish everybody can help them together with us, give them the new life, and we should think this thing too! In the world, why does this people appear? This is not their fluke, is the earth! Why? Let me tell you.
Do you know that in the world have many people don’t have their own house and their work, do you know why? Because now have many machines in the world, they are very convenient, bur did you have think about before human have machines, that job do they do? It’s us! I just want to say all people have chance to go to work, I know human need machine’s help, give some choice to another person.
I want help them, but I’m just a child, what should I do? I have a good idea, I can save 10 dollars for each day, when I save to 100 dollars I can give them a meal or have a comfortable place to study or work. I want them to have a good place and life, not a trouble place, I want them to have a new life, and I wish everybody can help them and care about them too!

Anita  (EAP2)