Study Gold Coast Careers Festival

On Wednesday 10th May, our BROWNS Gold Coast English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 3 and 4 classes attended the Study Gold Coast Careers Festival which was held at the Convention Centre. It was bustling with high school and university students, together with some people who just want a change in career. The EAP students practised their listening, speaking and note-taking skills through participation in workshops and presentations on a variety of career-focussed topics.

1.Textile designer Maria from EAP3 and Dr Dominique Falla from Griffith University talking after the Design workshop. Great vocabulary for Maria!
2.Liang, Zheng and Maria from EAP3 discuss sustainability and environmental studies at one of the exhibits.
3.Ivy and Ivan from EAP 3 taking in the displays and enjoying some information (and free goodies)
4.Zombie Model at the Academy of Design display.
5.Ice Princess at the Academy of Design display
6.EAP 3 and 4 students and teachers pose for a photo with Warren Young, the Gold Coast’s head lifeguard and legend
7.Andrea (EAP 3 teacher) and Warren – a personal hero!
8.Aima and Ivy from EAP 3 ready for a presentation on university preparation.
9.Fantastic display from TAFE on their Sport and Exercise Management course.
10.Great equipment at the SAE Creative Media stand.


Written by Andrea Terrill
English for Academic Purposes Teacher

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