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Student Job Opportunities (2018 Commonwealth Games) 

BROWNS is partnering exclusively with Incognitus, an official supplier of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to provide short-term paid jobs to BROWNS students in March and April 2018.

Roles involve housekeeping duties in the Athletes Village throughout the games, with majority of shifts available between 7am – 3pm, up to 6 days a week from 19 March until 20 April 2018 paid at a minimum rate of AU$22.86 per hour*. There may be an opportunity to extend up to 7 days a week with up to 12 hours per day. 24/7 operational shifts allow the option for students to do afternoon/night shifts. Some shifts will be available as early as 26th of Feb and as late as the 30th of April.


Successful candidates may expect the following^:

  • Free public transport – A GoCard will be provided for use throughout the entire Games period for any travel on the Translink network (including Gold Coast and Brisbane).
  • Complimentary meal will be provided each working shift
  • Candidates will be provided with a written employment reference upon completion

(^May be subject to change at anytime)


Course and Structured Break Duration

Students will need to enrol and pay for at least 8 weeks at BROWNS English Language School to qualify for this opportunity. Your booking with BROWNS must commence on or before 5 March 2018 and include a 3-7 week break within the employment opportunity dates.



  • These special “Job Opportunities in Queensland” are available for 250 BROWNS students for a limited time and is only available for new applications received after 12/10/17. Any applications received before this date will not be eligible for this “Job Opportunities in Queensland”.
  • 18 years or older
  • Working Holiday or Work & Holiday visa
  • Enrol at BROWNS for a minimum 8 weeks
  • Must commence studies at BROWNS Gold Coast or Brisbane campus at least 1 week prior to employment commencement date however no later than 5 March 2018
  • Must successfully pass security and interview process
  • Application must be submitted online via

Student visa holders or graduated BROWNS students, please  contact us to check your eligibility and to register your interest in this opportunity.


Indicative Timeline Structure

16 October 2017 – 5 March 2018: Commence studies at BROWNS English Language School

13 December 2017: Final date to submit application via

December 2017: Payment deadline and final date to confirm approved Australian visa details with BROWNS, allowing for security clearance with the Commonwealth Games Accreditation Department

January 2018: Interview process will begin which will determine which students were successful and receive the opportunity for paid work during the Commonwealth Games

February 2018: Work rosters will be provided to successful candidates

February/March 2018: Online Induction and onsite Orientation finalised between Incognitus and students

19 March 2018: Employment starts

20 April 2018: Employment finishes


Register now!

Complete an online application through myBROWNS and express your interest during the application procedure at



This program is run exclusively in partnership between BROWNS and Incognitus, an official supplier of the Commonwealth Games.

*Incognitus and BROWNS cannot guarantee any minimum work hours for this opportunity. Apply at your own discretion.


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