Full tuition BROWNS scholarships are made available each year to refugees and humanitarian entrants without any financial assistance from the Australian Government

We are thrilled to be working with Access Community Services in helping students fast-track their English language skills so that they can continue their academic studies and rebuild a normal life for themselves. Head Director of Studies at BROWNS, Crispian Short (right) is pictured with Raja, who was forced to flee his home in Syria with his family in 2016. An experienced doctor, Raja was kidnapped with his son and forced to pay ransom for their freedom, before having to leave everything behind, including his own medical practice and start afresh in Australia. Raja loves BROWNS where he is studying academic English five days each week. He finds it challenging but is greatly looking forward to being able to resume practising as a doctor.

“BROWNS is a good program and I am learning quickly. I am happy here because my children do well here – I have made roots in Australia and I will happily stay here. I can’t wait to start practicing medicine again,” Raja says.