We rode the AQUADUCK on Friday.
It is an amphibious vehicle.
We saw many fish and very big houses.
The man driving it was unique and he gave us all a turn at driving.
Everyone was excited at that!
We all had a great time

(Ryuki & Masa)

After the morning class, we went to a big open space near our school in Southport. We played 3 games;

The first game was an animal guessing game. We had to guess the animal on our sticker on our face.

The second game was called "Simon says". In this game we had to do actions & movements.

The third game was called "Fruit Salad". In this game we made pairs with a fruit name. The teachers called out fruit names and we had to run over everyone and race back to the start. We enjoyed these games, they were very fun!

(Sari & Hitomi)

On this day we did food and taste adjectives in class. We used magazines to make some posters. We used recipes to make some Lamingtons in the park. They tasted a little too sweet, but still good. After that we went back to school and had our lunch with all our friends.

Everyone was happy and had a beautiful day!

(Melody & Natsuko)

Day 6 We went to the park after the morning class. We did the grammar of Simple Past and did some writing practice.
We took a lot of pictures. After that we went to a big farm called "Paradise Country"
We had a great time there. We saw kangaroos, koalas, dingos etc… We saw a funny show too.

(Masahiro & Keitaro)

We did our writing in the park today.
In the afternoon, we went to 'Paradise Country'
We saw koalas, kangaroos, pigs, horses and more.
They were very cute.
We fed the kangaroos and took many photos.
I touched a kangaroo, it was very soft. I didn't touch a koala, but it was still fun.

(Masahiro & Keitaro)

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