G’day mates!

My name’s Daniela, I’m 26 years old, bookseller and I’m from Switzerland. I just finished my Cambridge CAE Course at BROWNS in Brisbane and will take my Cambridge Exams in a few days.

Why I’m writing this text for you? Maybe you’re thinking about attending a preparation course but you’re not sure now, right? Don’t hesitate, go for it! It has been the first really spontaneous decision I made so far and also the best.

Actually I didn’t plan to come to Australia neither to do a CAE course. Having passed the FCE Exams back in Switzerland I was already happy with this certificate. When my sister decided to go to Australia for an FCE Course I just decided to accompany her. As I already had the FCE the next logical step would have been CAE so I booked the 12 week preparation course at BROWNS in Brisbane.

In my job I have to communicate in German and English as well. It’s hard to say now what the future might bring, but actually I was thinking about to start studies as a translator. Therefore you doubtlessly need this language level.

During 3 months my classmates and I worked really hard. Seeing the results of our achievements was incredible. Each one of us has improved so much! Being part of a small class of 11 students (best class ever! Gonna miss you guys!) was great because in comparison with other language schools, at BROWNS you have the chance to participate more.

Besides that the teaching staff is just phenomenal. Great teachers who love to teach English. What do you want more?

So what are you waiting for? Great school with excellent teachers, in between the Sunshine and the Gold Coast, cool people from all over the world… It was just an interesting, spectacular, marvellous, awesome, lovely, spiffy and mind-blowing (see what amazing words you learn at CAE?) time which I’ll never forget.

Daniela from Switzerland