Junior 4

As usual, lots of new students joined us in the junior program.

In morning classes, we learned about:

  • Social etiquette & customs in Australia
  • Dangerous animals in Australia (body parts / coverings / habitats / diet )
  • Daily routines & the Present Simple Tense
  • Shopping vocabulary & functional language
  • Groceries & containers – countable & uncountable nouns

The afternoons were loads of fun:

  • Monday we went to the cinema & saw “Finding Dory”
  • Tuesday some reptiles came to school. We learned a lot about them & had the opportunity to hold them for photos.
  • Wednesday we visited a local high school – Helensvale State High School. We were welcomed with a sausage sizzle & some Aussie students showed us around the campus.
  • Thursday we went shopping at HARBOURTOWN. Everybody loved that.
  • Friday we had a BBQ at the Broadwater parklands near the sea & played on the playground equipment.
  • Friday afternoon is also happy & sad as we say goodbye to students going home.