Hi my name is Kim and I'm 18 years old. I'm half Brazilian and half Swiss. I came to Australia to improve my English and pass the IELTS exam. Having a good score in this exam will allow me to enter a Hotel Management University in Switzerland. As I have dual nationality, I also speak Portugese, French and German. I think learning languages is really important in life and going to another country to learn is, in my opinion, the best way of doing it. Living on the Gold Coast and studying at BROWNS is helping me learn much faster and without too much effort. It's easy after school or during the weekend to practice what you learned at school and improve without noticing it ! I chose the Gold Coast because of the great weather and the surf and I'm not disappointed ! Between going to school, I like going to the beach, surfing, partying, having BBQs, travelling and meeting new people from all around the world. I have made many friends from all over the globe, and with Australia being such a multi-cultural society I have learnt so much.

So far I have explored Fraser Island, Cairns, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Noosa. When I finish my course in BROWNS, I would like to spend the new year in Sydney, after visiting Alice Springs, Ulururu, Perth and Adelaide, this way I will know many places in this beautiful country.

Thus far in Australia, I can tell that everyone I have met is really friendly, open-minded, and always ready to help you.

Next year, I would like to learn Spanish in South America as I believe travelling and living the real culture of a country is the best and most fullfilling experience. I will encourage everyone who has the opportunity to travel and learn abroad to do so as I am convinced it's the best experience you will have in a lifetime.



BROWNS Student Testimonial