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Poems of Advanced Class


We have been working together on a class project,¬†analysing different types of poetry from the 1600s to today’s English. We have studied many poetic structures including those with rhyme encompassing assonance and¬†alliteration. From analysis and vocabulary building, the students created their own individual poems and worked together as a group to enhance each work. This […]

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The Language Plateau and How to Get Over It


Many language learners share the common experience of reaching a point in their studies where they cease feeling that they are improving. At lower levels, as key words and grammatical concepts are incorporated, improvement is noticeably apparent and learners frequently feel a sense of achievement. However, at higher levels, when the basics have been mastered, […]

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Academic English or General English: which one is right for you?

I am very far from being a fluent Japanese speaker. In fact, after four years of hard study and living in the country (mainly Osaka, and Hokkaido), I was still probably only about B2 level. However, if you happened to hear me chatting to a taxi driver in Japanese, you’d probably conclude I was pretty […]

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