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High School Preparation Students Visit UQ


  As part of our High School Preparation (HSP) courses, we aim to incorporate a selection of extra-curricular activities into the learning experience. In July, 20 students from the High School Preparation classes went on a special trip at the invitation of the University of Queensland, St Lucia to join in the day-long Science Fair. […]

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No Phone Policy for High School Preparation students


Nowadays, technology is everywhere; it is part of our lives. It affects how we connect, socialise, play, shop and most significantly, how we learn. If used correctly, it helps students to prepare for their academic/professional future which will inevitably include the utilisation of broad and different types of technology. At BROWNS, we encourage our students […]

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The First 20 Weeks of a High School Preparation Student in Australia


Just as a new group of high school students are about to complete their English preparation studies and enter the Australian school system, in class they have prepared some videos which express how they have felt during their first twenty weeks of life in Australia. The entire class created some wonderful and unique videos with […]

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Interested in studying English in Australia?

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