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Keeping Teaching Current – Creative Thinking in the Classroom

Creative Thinking in the Classroom

KEEPING TEACHING CURRENT. Creative Thinking in the Classroom. Written by Vanessa Kudeken (BROWNS English Language School teacher). One of my favourite things about teaching at  BROWNS is the commitment to ongoing teacher training. This year I had the privilege of going to the QLD PD Fest held at The University of Queensland in Brisbane1. I was […]

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Aboriginal Dot Painting lesson


Aboriginal Dot Painting In December for Art week, the A2 Elementary students were introduced to Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and the use of symbols in dot painting to tell stories and create maps. They studied the history of Aboriginal art and were amazed to discover that artists have to seek permission to paint a story that […]

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Australian Slang Quiz

Slang is the use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's language  but are considered acceptable in certain social situations. Make sure that your English matches the occasion. It’s OK to use slang with friends but not in a business meeting. Lets see how much you know about Aussie slang (Read the post "Aussie slang") […]

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