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Learning English at BROWNS is Fun Too!


As part of the Beginner Active8 Syllabus, the students studied language relating community services and events. To take part in initiatives in the local community, the students organised a community bike ride, using the City Cycle Bicycle Hire services. This is public bike hire scheme which encourages people living in Brisbane to commute around the […]

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More tips for listening + reading practice in English

   On the 21st November, I wrote a blog called, “Do you need ideas for authentic listening practice?” and showed you how to use the ABC’s Behind the News website. I hope you’ve watched some interesting news stories! Do you want some more ideas to build your vocabulary and practice your reading and listening? Check […]

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Do you need ideas for authentic listening practice?

 “Teacher, how can I improve my English, specifically my listening skills?” “Teacher, the Australian accent is so difficult to understand – what can I do to practice?” If you are an English language student, I’m sure you may have asked your teacher one of the above questions at some time.  A lot of students have […]

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Interested in studying English in Australia?

Yes, I am!