BROWNS Partnerships with Schools

Many thanks to Helensvale State High School for inviting all of our Junior students to come and see a “typical Australian School” this month. The first thing most people notice about an Australian High School is the amount of space! Most schools have large areas for play, sport and to talk during break times, and classrooms spread out over a large area with a “tuck shop” somewhere central. This sometimes gives off the notion that school is relaxing but this is not necessarily true; the atmosphere at school in Australia is conducive to learning because of this, and it encourages the importance of being social, even in this digital age.

Most schools start between 8:00 and 9:00 and finish at around 15:00 and many students are encouraged to do sports after school – there is an expectation that school students do some form of sport of extracurricular activity. Depending on the school and year you are in, you will normally do both core subjects and electives. Up to year 10, most schools require students to do Maths, English, Science and History/Geography as core subjects. Electives do depend on each school; at  Helensvale school for example, there are plenty of elective options; from graphics, languages, drama and dance to horticulture and home economics, so there is always something to suit everyone.

When our  High School Preparation (HSP) students start their official schooling almost all them absolutely love the experience of studying in an Australian school. However, they all remain best friends with the people they met first in Australia: Their BROWNS’ friends.

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