BROWNS Junior Camp – Week 4 – Gold Coast

BROWNS Junior Camp – Week 4 – Gold Coast

Written by Theresa Tupuola (Assistant Director of Studies)

This week was bustling with 72 students participating in the BROWNS Junior Camp program, with new students arriving from Japan and China on Monday. In class, students covered an important topic of beach safety, particularly vital to those visiting the beautiful Gold Coast beaches. That afternoon, students were able to ride on both land and sea in the Aqua Duck excursion. STEM activities played a major role in Week 4 learning, as students collaborated in tactile activities like constructing marshmallow towers as well as making snow at the Street Science show. To top things off, junior camp students were able to look into their futures, discussing aspirations for higher learning and future employment. A chance to visit the beautiful campus at  Griffith University gave them deeper insight into pathways of opportunity.

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