This month we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Brisbane weather and take our students on a few outdoor class excursions.

Annette’s class visited The Pod in Brunswick Street Mall, in Chinatown.  It was a Council sponsored activity for Chinese New Year.  The students were given some Origami paper and instructions for folding the paper in different ways.  The students then wrote a wish for the New Year, for themselves, on the inside of the paper before they folded the paper.  The origami shapes were then attached to branches.  The idea is that the branches will fill up with wishes from the different people who visit the Pod over the New Year period.  The students made a second wish for a family member or friend.  The activity was called ‘Lunar Wish‘.

Last week Andre took his students down to the park for a BBQ. Students were quite excited to take part in this class. Some students prepared burgers with sauce from their country while others were in charge of preparing chicken and sandwiches! They all had a great time and the students are looking forward to having another barbecue because they enjoyed the idea to interact with their classmates outside the classroom!

Last Friday Paul treated his Upper Intermediate students to an educational tour of beautiful City Hall. It was quite interesting with the guide explaining about the building and its architecture, a little history of Brisbane and we got to go up to the clock tower for a view of BROWNS and King George Square. The students were impressed by the size of the building.

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