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“I Got 8.5 in the IELTS Test” – Saad from Pakistan



After preparing his  IELTS test  at BROWNS Brisbane campus, Saad scored an impressive 8.5 in the IELTS test.

This is what Saad said about his experience at BROWNS:

“My experience at Browns school has been very informative. Teachers are experienced and the staff is helpful too. The classrooms are created in small sizes to cater the needs of every student. I was very satisfied to study at this school because all four modules of IELTS are well organised on weekly basis. Students are encouraged to work both individually and in groups. It enables them to learn from each other and cover their weak areas. In short, the teachers provide thorough assistance to students to improve their performance levels”



Student Testimonial – Kaho from Japan



Name: Kaho Asahata
Nationality: Japan
Course Length: 9 months
Accommodation: Homestay
Course: Intensive General English / Cambridge FCE / EAP

The aim of studying abroad

I had dreamed of living abroad and gained experiences which I cannot do in Japan. I wanted to encounter new culture or new people and broaden my way of thinking. I would like to use English in my future job where I can communicate with people from other countries.

In addition, students can work in Australia while studying. This is one of the reasons why I chose Australia.

Studying at BROWNS


I am really happy that I studied in BROWNS. I met lovely friends and teachers. The teachers are great and they helped me a lot.

BROWNS school is located in city centre so that I could go shopping easily after school.

About Classes

I learned many things through three courses I took.

In Advanced class of general English course, I did the business challenge which aimed to sell food and make profit effectively. We planned what and how we sold and made advertisement ourselves. Every week, new students come to the class so that I could make many friends and it was fun.

I learned practical English in Cambridge course. The topic in Cambridge test ranged from formal to informal situation so that I learned how to write and speak correctly to meet each situation. My teachers encouraged me to study hard and gave us useful interesting materials such as videos, music, blogs, and game. Moreover, the teachers gave us some feedback and talked about progress and plan for effective studying in person. As a result, I passed the Cambridge FCE examination.

Living in Brisbane

Failure and difficulty during my stay

There are many places to visit around Brisbane. I often went on a day trip, for example to Lone pine Koala Sanctuary where you meet kangaroo as well.

One day, I went to Noosa beach which 2 hours away from Brisbane on a day trip. The beach was very beautiful and the sea was crystal clear. After having a great time there, we walked to the bus stop to go back to Brisbane. Then, we realised that we missed the last bus to the nearest station! Thanks to the bus driver and passengers, we managed to get back. I think the time buses are running is shorter compared with Japan. From experience, I always checked the timetable. In addition, trading hours is also shorter. I needed to care about the time.

Part-Time Job

I worked at Japanese restaurant where not only Japanese but also Asian people work. It was difficult to communicate with the other staff correctly and immediately in English first. Almost all customers are from Australia. I feel they are so friendly that I enjoyed conversation with them. I think this culture is different from Japanese


I did internship for BROWNS. I learned a lot over this internship which I did not experience before. I also found how they work and difference from my country. I did some tasks such as translation and creating format. When I saw the subtitle I translated on the video, I was really impressed. From my experience, I would like to get a job where I can use English.

Development and improvement

I believe I changed a lot not only about improvement of English, but also personality. I feel I became more open-minded and extrovert than I came here because I encountered new people who have different cultures and ideas.

A message for future students

I could not have decided to study abroad for a while. However, now I can say that my decision of coming to Australia to study is right. You will change a lot in a positive way and learned many things. Moreover, you can try what you really want to do.

“I Got 8.0 in the IELTS Test” – Bartosz from Poland


Bartosz from Poland recently came in to show off his band 8 achievement, with an 8.5 in speaking and reading. He was overjoyed with this result and came to thank his IELTS teacher Nataša for helping him achieve this.


“I Got 7.5 in the IELTS Academic Test” – Gina from Philippines



So much to share about my BROWNS experience but to sum it up, of course I owe it all to BROWNS English School and to our IELTS teacher (best teacher ever!.Yeah!) Thank you so much for the tips and guidance. Yes, we did it. A billion thanks for pushing me to the highest level. I think when we trust and believe in our school, our teacher and ourselves will create great things in passing the IELTS exam. One of the best decisions I have ever made was enrolling at BROWNS for my IELTS preparation. It really did prepare me in all aspects.

My advice to the next IELTS takers is prepare yourself and practice, practice and practice! When we are prepared it helps us gain our confidence as well.

What helped me to achieve my 8.5* in the IELTS speaking test result was that I kept practicing in front of the mirror when there was nobody to practice with and when I’m alone driving inside my car as well. Sounds funny but it really did help. My only aim at first was just to meet the university requirements but when we exert more effort, give our best and listen to our teacher’s tips during the mock test results every week, this really helped us.

My efforts and hard work did pay off. Thank you BROWNS.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends who need help preparing for their IELTS examination.

I met good friends and had a very wonderful experience during my time at BROWNS.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks a billion!

Good luck to the next IELTS takers. You can do it. More power and more students to BROWNS English Language School!


Best Regards,

Gina V. Macabantad from Philippines


*Gina got an overall score of 7.5 in the IELTS Academic module.

Speaking: 8.5

Writing: 7.0

Listening: 7.5

Reading: 7.5

Encouraging the Art of Giving at BROWNS



As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan at BROWNS, we encourage and facilitate our students to be involved in the local community and various charities. For Christmas 2015, we wanted to encourage our students to have outreach to members of the society who don’t experience Christmas as we typically do. Therefore, BROWNS partnered with the Salvation Army in Brisbane CBD to contribute a Christmas Hamper which will be distributed to those families in need over the Christmas period.

To facilitate this, we worked with our Under 18 students (English for Academic Purposes – High school preparation, Level 1) and created lessons centred around this project. Here’s what the U18 EAP Level 1 class did:

On Friday, 18th of December, students from Under 18 EAP 1 were involved in a social responsibility activity where they had to prepare hampers for the Salvation Army. Initially, students were given a worksheet to complete for prior learning in preparation for the activity. The content included information about ‘what a charity is’ and other functional vocabulary related to ”giving assistance’’ to others. Students also watched some authentic material which gave information about what the Salvation Army does and how they help in different ways. Students were also involved in an activity which required them to cut out suitable shopping items (to purchase for people who live on the street) from a catalogue and calculate the cost of items up to a specified value per group. (This was a practical way to facilitate the learning of budgeting and mathematics within the classroom as well).

In the afternoon, students set off happily to buy their shopping items. They worked co-operatively within their groups discussing suitable items for the hamper. They all assisted with carrying bags of items. After shopping, they came back to school and the students collaboratively put the items into 3 storage boxes. They decorated the hampers with colourful ribbons and clear plastic. The class then brought the items to the Salvation Army Temple on Ann Street, Brisbane.

They were greeted by Pamela, an attendant at the church. She brought the students and teacher into the church and gave a short speech on the history of Salvation Army and how they assist people less well off than ourselves in the community. The students also received a booklet about their organisation.

The students were impressed with the visit and happy to have the opportunity to be involved in a social responsibility task. For homework the students wrote a reflective journal about their visit. The comments in their journal included things like, ” I really enjoyed shopping to help poor people in our community”.

It is great to encourage students at BROWNS to be a part of giving within the community. Thanks go to the U18 EAP 1 teacher, Kira Kim, for her help in organising this event.




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