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High School Preparation Students Visit UQ




As part of our High School Preparation (HSP) courses, we aim to incorporate a selection of extra-curricular activities into the learning experience.

In July, 20 students from the High School Preparation classes went on a special trip at the invitation of the University of Queensland, St Lucia to join in the day-long Science Fair. Our students participated in different types of workshops based on different science fields, such as physics and chemistry. They had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of new things, which will certainly help the students that are on their way to an Australian school.

The Gold Coast Junior Program for 2016 has Begun



Week 1

The Junior program students experienced some classes with our under 18 HSP students in the mornings. In the afternoons we were very busy too. Monday we went to TIMEZONE in Surfers Paradise Tuesday we played learned to play PING PONG & BILLIARDS Wednesday we watched a movie together & ate popcorn Thursday we went shopping at PACIFIC FAIR in Broadbeach Friday we had a picnic in the park and made new friends.

No Phone Policy for High School Preparation students



Nowadays, technology is everywhere; it is part of our lives. It affects how we connect, socialise, play, shop and most significantly, how we learn. If used correctly, it helps students to prepare for their academic/professional future which will inevitably include the utilisation of broad and different types of technology.

At BROWNS, we encourage our students and teachers to use technology as much as they can as part of their learning process. We see technology as a facilitator that allows the students to have an active role rather than the passive role of recipient of information transmitted by the teacher. Nonetheless, the use of phones in the classrooms usually has an opposite effect, mainly in our High School Preparation students. These young students tend to use their phones for non-academic purposes which makes it an easy way to get distracted from the lessons.

According to research, published by the Centre for Economic Performance, banning mobile phones in schools resulted in a 14.23% improvement for low-achieving students and a 6.41% improvement overall in schools that had introduced the ban. To have a better understanding of these numbers, the benefit was the equivalent to an additional hour of school a week.

Based on research and the comments provided by our teachers, we decided to trial a No Phone Policy for high school preparation students which prohibits the use of their phones in the classrooms.
Since asking the students not to use their phones during the lessons, our teachers have perceived a more active environment and have seen better academic outcomes from the students.

Charity Fundraising Month: June 2016



Our June event for corporate social responsibility (BROWNS Elevate) was to raise money for the Smith Family. The Smith Family is a children’s charity that helps disadvantaged children, and in particular help them through their education when in difficult times.

At BROWNS, we wanted to organise a fun event to raise money for the Smith Family. On the last Friday of June, all 700+ students participated in a giant trivia quiz between campuses – BROWNS donated a dollar for each correct question, and we donated around $800. There were seven categories: Australiana, logos, geography, music, famous people, and sports. How many of these questions do you know?

What does NSW stand for?

What is a baby kangaroo called?

Where will the next winter Olympic games be held?

‘Aloha’ means ‘hello’ in what language?

What is the longest word you can make using these letters [only use each letter once] W  R  N  S  O  B?

We look forward to next month’s BROWNS Elevate event – Animal welfare and RSPCA activities.

The First 20 Weeks of a High School Preparation Student in Australia


Just as a new group of high school students are about to complete their English preparation studies and enter the Australian school system, in class they have prepared some videos which express how they have felt during their first twenty weeks of life in Australia. The entire class created some wonderful and unique videos with all their wonderful memories and the friends they have made; Suebin (Suzy) Cha from Seoul created this amazing collage of memories below.


Interested in studying English in Australia?

Yes, I am!