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The Australian Red Cross Blood Donation Presentation



On Tuesday 25th October 2016, BROWNS was proud to host The Australian Red Cross Blood Services representative Rachel Brough. She is the Community Relations Officer for the organisation and gave a very clear and important speech to a group of students from various English levels. She discussed the number of people who need blood versus those who donate blood; the whole donation process; who can benefit; and also donating requirements. The students asked questions and a few signed up to donate blood before the end of the year, which, in Australia, is the time when the Red Cross Blood Service is most in need of blood donations. Feel free to go to the following Facebook pages or websites to learn more about The Australian Red Cross Blood Services or Red25.

Red Cross Facebook:

Red Cross Australia Facebook:

Donate Blood:

Red Cross Website:


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @redcrossbloodau

High School Preparation excursion – Capella Performance



On Tuesday 20th September all our High School Preparation students went across to city hall to listen to a (mostly) Capella performance of songs from well-known musicals. It was part of the Brisbane Festival.

The students in HSP4 wrote a reflection on their experience:


Livia from BROWNS HSP4 class:

Music is an important part in my life, I can’t live without it.
This was my first time in a music festival in a foreign country. At first, I thought that is was just a show from some older performers without singing some songs. However, when the host came out, I suddenly noticed that this show was not really from older performers.
The best thing at all was listening to the chorus singing a song and it was full of passion. These were my first feelings of the first song. I don’t remember the name of the opening song, but I admit their strength when I heard their voice. There is no doubt that all of their voices were infectious and they caught my attention. Talking about my favourite song, I think it would be the song “On My Own”. One of the reasons why this song was and still is my favourite is because the person who sang it was full of passion and it even made me cry. When the song finished, I thought of my parents and I noticed that I really miss them. The last song called “One Day More” was also a perfect song. It was a very powerful song and I felt inspired by it. It also let me become hopeful to my life.
I think I can’t forget this experience even in the future, and from this time, I think I will dare to follow my dream. The performers are all students, they can follow their dream, so can I.

 Susan from BROWNS HSP4 class:

We arrived at the Brisbane City Hall for a music show and sat down. I have been to the clock tower for an extra school activity before, but I have never been in the hall. It was big, with many entrances and some boxes on the second floor. At the end of the hall there was a huge stage, a great organ was beautifully inlaid. The ceiling was round and high above, with dark blue and purple which made it look like the sky in the night. It even had light shining far away upon us like stars.

The place got fuller little by little before the host came out to introduce the performers for today: nearly 100 students from music theatre of Griffith University, and one of their teachers played the piano to accompany them. I soon learnt that the performance was part of the Brisbane Festival, which was mainly for musicals this time.
First it came a big tutti with all the members divided into three part. The show was absolutely amazing and exciting, included many songs of my favorite musicals and other famous music composition like “Wishing you were somehow here again” and “All I ask of you” in The Phantom of the Opera, and “On my own” in Lés Misérable. When some of the sad music came to the end, there were even sobs burst out from the audiences. Some of the rhythms and the tones were changed, but it did not mean they were not as good as the original one—they were awesome!!! “Memory”, known as the theme of Cats, was famous for its solo. The singers changed it into a chorus for 20 people, with four voice part.
My favorite part came when the show came to the end after about 12 songs. It was One day more, also the end and the big tutti of the second act of the musical Lés Misérable. People expression their different feelings about the unpredictable future in the lyric, some of them were fear, some worried that they cannot see their lover again, some wished the revolution to be won, some wanted to grab personal belongings while the owners were busy preparing for the battle. All the voice at last came together with the sentence “Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store.” The emotion got stronger and stronger, and the voice of the singer became louder and louder. The song ended with the sentences “One more dawn, one more day, one day more.” With each sentence, they raised their arms one by one, and finally lowered the high raised arms from the highest levels to the grass roots. The last word last for a long time, faded in the warm applause.

Gold Coast Junior Program 2016 – Week 3


Junior Program 2016 - Gold Coast

Monday brought more new students to the Junior Program and again we spent time making new friends.
In the morning classes, we learned about:

  • Asking & answering personal questions
  • Cooking verbs & reading recipes
  • Giving & following directions
  • Summer & the beach vocabulary & writing
  • Beach Safety reading & information posters

The afternoons were action packed again.

  • Monday we went to Q1 to see a view of the Gold Coast from the 77th floor. Then we had a little time at the beach.
  • Tuesday we did some cooking, we made Aussie Lamingtons & played some games in the park.
  • Wednesday we went to Paradise Country to see the farm animals & fed the kangaroos.
  • Thursday we had a Beach Safety presentation from the Gold Coast Surf Lifesavers.
  • Friday we had a class party and wrote goodbye messages to the first students leaving us.

Animal Welfare Month: July 2016


Last July was Animal Welfare month for our CSR. In Brisbane, we had presentations from the RSPCA (Australian peak organisation established to promote animal welfare), and last week, we invited two presenters and Mr Clooney and Lucy (the dogs) to come and perform in front of our Gold Coast students. The staff from AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Qld) told our students about their organisation and how we can all help (e.g. there are op shops for AWLQ).The dogs did some amazing tricks.

Our Academic students used this opportunity to do some note-taking and summarising of guest speakers. The next day our under-18 students went to their op shop to buy some of their products.

Gold Coast Junior Program 2016 – Week 2



On Monday we welcomed new students to the program. After the morning orientation, students interviewed each other and wrote about a new friend.
In the morning classes, we learned about:

  • Family & how to describe people.
  • Wild, domestic & farm animals.
  • Question words and how to make questions in the present & the past.
  • Sports, games & hobbies & the verbs used to talk about them.

The afternoons we had a lot of fun.

  • Monday we went to BOUNCE trampoline park
  • Tuesday we watched a movie together & ate popcorn
  • Wednesday the WILDRANGERS came to school & brought along some Australian animals
  • Thursday we played Mini Golf
  • Friday we played sports in the park


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