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Junior Program 2015 – Gold Coast Campus (Week 3)



Another fantastic week on the Junior Program!
Busy, busy, busy…

Day 15

More new students and a class survey in the morning.
In the afternoon we visited ‘SKYPOINT’on the 77th floor of the Q1 building and had a little time at the beach.

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Day 16

We used our mobile phones in class to scan QR codes for our lesson on ‘Education’
Students enjoyed cupcake decorating in the park after class.

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Day 17

Food was on the menu this morning.
Students discussed the five food groups, healthy and unhealthy food and learned lots of food related vocabulary.

In the afternoon was a visit to ‘Paradise Country’
Students tried ‘Billy Tea and Damper’ and watched a couple of animal shows.
They also had the opportunity to see Koalas and Kangaroos.

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Day 18

Students studied vocabulary for Sports and Leisure activities in class this morning.
They also studied the grammar for verbs we use to talk about them – PLAY / GO / DO
We went outside in the sunshine to play some games and practice our sports vocab.

After lunch we visited the SURF museum and everyone had a great day.

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Day 19

Students designed their own BOARD GAMES this morning.
Friday afternoon ended with a class party and a farewell to new friends.

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Day 20 – Saturday – Full day activity


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Junior Program 2015 – Gold Coast Campus (Week 2)



What an awesome week!
Lots of new faces and new places.

Day 8

After welcoming the new students, class was all about the different parts of speech and describing things.
The afternoon was spent at “The Air Factory” trampoline park.

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Day 9

After morning grammar lessons, students had fun playing ping pong and pool.
The day finished with an Aussie movie called “Paper Planes”

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Day 10

Students worked hard in class on ‘Verbs’ and ‘verb tenses’
Everyone enjoyed Ten Pin Bowling in the afternoon

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Day 11

After speaking class, students researched and made paper planes for our BROWNS paper plane competition inspired by the movie we watched on Tuesday.

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Day 12

Students spoke about free time and personal routines in class and then went to the ‘Broadwater Parklands’ in the afternoon for some sports and games.

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Day 13 – Saturday – Full day activity

Brisbane Museum & Southbank Parklands

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Junior Program 2015 – Gold Coast Campus (Week 1)



The BROWNS 2015 Junior Program kicked off this week.
What a great group of kids!

Day 1

After a quick orientation it was into class.
The afternoon activity was a visit to Timezone.

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Day 2

After a morning of Grammar and speaking exercises we went to a tennis coaching session.

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Day 3

Morning lesson about family and ways to describe them.
More Vocabulary in the park…. followed by some free time to get to know friends a little better and relax.

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Day 4

Biography writing and Putt Putt Golf

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Day 5

Online listening Lab and mobile devices

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Day 6 – Saturday – Full day activity


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Business Challenge at BROWNS Gold Coast Campus


During each advanced course at the Gold Coast, students are given the opportunity to use their marketing as well as their language skills to sell products as though it were a mini business. It is actually a business challenge. Recently the class decided to cook and sell a series of meals and drinks from (including some from their countries) for staff and students, and some outside visitors. On the menu there were deals with hotdogs, muffins, chips, carrot cake, pão de queijo, Arabic coffee and many other delights. Each team’s goal was to make as much money as possible (the winner made more than $350 this time!). Throughout the preceding days, groups with mixed nationalities decided on their marketing pitch, their pricing, and who in each team does what.

Watch the video to get a taste of what they achieved recently, done by one of the students, Philippe Fernandes Chaves.

Introducing our Needs Analysis Tool (NAT)



With so many programs on offer, choosing the most appropriate English language course for you can be a daunting task:  General English, IELTS preparation, Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE, Barista, English for Academic Purposes, or English Plus Sports.

We understand how frustrating this course selection can be, and that is not all. Your frustration increases when you notice that each course has a pre-entry English requirement, but you have no idea what your level is.  In fact, you might know what your level is but without taking an English test you are not sure.

Fortunately, you won’t need to deal with this problem anymore. We want to make the course selection process as easy as possible, and this is why we have created our Needs Analysis Tool (NAT). This tool is completely FREE and open to everyone. The NAT takes into consideration your current level of English, your needs, interests and reasons for studying English to suggest the course(s) that fit the best.

This is how it works.

Your Current English Level

The Needs Analysis tool (NAT) must know what you current level is to suggest the most suitable courses for you. You have two ways to let the NAT know your level.

Option 1: Take the BROWNS English Placement Test (BOPT)

If you have never taken the IELTS test, use this option to find out what your current level is. After finishing the test, the tool will show your level, which can be any of the following:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advance
  • Expert

Learn more about the BOPT here

Option 2: Enter an IELTS test result

If you have valid IELTS test results, you can just enter your overall score.  It is that easy.

After you tell the NAT what your level is (using any of the above options), it will show you the list of all the English language courses you can study at BROWNS. If your level is below a course entry requirement, the course will have a mark telling you that you need to study for some weeks first in our Intensive General English course until you reach the required level. This is completely normal and you don’t need to worry about it. Learning English is a process and everyone has started from the very beginning.


Your needs, interests and reasons for studying English

After telling the NAT what your level is, it is time to let it know what your needs and interests are.

You can do this by using the filter next to the courses list.  Choose the option(s) you want to filter the courses.  You can play with the options to see what the recommended courses will be.

Once you have finished, you are ready to start the enrolment process to study at BROWNS.

After receiving your application, we have access to the information you entered into the Needs Analysis Tool making your enrolment fast and efficient.



Interested in studying English in Australia?

Yes, I am!