The Intensive General English – Advanced Class (Gold Coast) have been working in groups to produce short films following class analysis and study of various works from the Sydney Tropfest. The students not only evaluated the artist nature of the short films, they also studied a vast array of vocabulary associated with the films.

The students set themselves into small groups to create their own BROWNS short film under the key word ‘Connection’. They had two weeks. The brief was to create a production company name and logo with a film of under five minutes linking to that key word.  The students did much of the work outside of class with only a limited amount of class time to mind-map ideas in their groups and finalise their projects.

The task was not only a challenge in the artist nature and complexity but also required them to work actively in English on a large group project.

The three films are:

IT IS NOT JUST A WORD by Untitled Studios

Group: Paula Reinoldes, Lidia Cano, Phusanisa Nongtao, Yasmin Blanco


Wanderland by Beard, Beer, Bear Productions

Group: Evelyn Nonato, Heber Moreira, Marcelo Furlan, Maria Toscano Rico, Melina Berthebaud, Monika Kiliánová


Internection by Advanced Studios.

Group: Nicolas Comte, Thaisa Carla De Azevedo Braz and Franziska Baertsch.

Written by Tom Stimson