Advanced Class Art Project (Cover photo)

The Intensive General English Advanced Class have been studying contemporary art as part of their class. They analysed many different works of art and produced presentations of a favourite piece from the group visit to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane. This incorporated new vocabulary including words associated with ‘art-speak’. Following this, the students worked to create a piece of contemporary art to go into the BROWNS gallery. The students chose a mix of photography, painting with mixed media, video art and art installations.

Each student had to write a piece to go alongside their work in the pop-up gallery. The writing had to show why they had produced their work and how it demonstrated a greater idea within society or an expression of emotions. Some were written as the third person while others chose to write directly in the first person. They also wrote a shorter version simplified for children. This was an individual project but students helped each other and worked as a team to aid with ideas and create the final gallery.