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Gold Coast:

Gold coast has some beautiful waterfalls, that should be visited by every tourist that come near by here. Some of them are parties of national parks of Australia as the Springbrook waterfall, that it is located inside of the national park.

Also the Heart Waterfall (Killarney Glen) it is a very well-known waterfall, where you can jump inside of this big water heart. And last but not less, Currumbin waterfall, where you can slide into a big hole, falling from a little waterfall, and enjoy a beautiful view of the forest.

One of the things that everybody does there it is watch the sunset from the Main Beach.

Byron Bay:

A good option to enjoy your time around Gold Coast it is Byron Bay, where you can find some beautiful land scapes. One of the most well-known sightseeing of there it is the lighthouse, where you
can find an amazing view. Fun Fact: Cape Byron is the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia.

Skydiving is also possible there and very exciting for every adventure. BROWNS students get a great discounted price at  Skydive Australia. See our activities officer for details.


This page researched and written by Nilson Tvares Filho (Intensive General English – Advanced Class)

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