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BEC Class Carlton United Brewery Tour


BEC class excursion

The Business English Class (BEC Class) had an interesting tour of the Carlton Brewery Factory in Yatala, about a 30 minute drive heading north towards Brisbane. The tour started with a brief visit to their lounge area, featuring a large bar and a huge variety of beers [32 in total] that are all made at this location. The Brewery makes all the beer for Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, the taking of photos was prohibited during the tour, so most of the photos attached are taken in the lounge / sales area. 

Firstly, we were shown a brief Health and Safety video and started the tour on a ‘mini-train’. Our tour guide spoke a little fast at times but gave a good description of the beer making process. The first step is filtering and cleaning the water. Beer is made from hops and these are converted into pellets. There are two main types of hops, one for making light beers such as Fosters and another for making the darker ales such as VB. We were shown huge vats where the beer is brewed and we then moved on to the huge bottling area where literally millions of bottles are washed, sterilised, filled, capped and labelled, all in a fraction of a second. It was surprising how few people we saw, perhaps only 8 workers in total, most of whom were doing maintenance work on equipment. 

Another interesting fact, was that the company who supply the bottles are fined $1,500/minute [yes, one thousand five hundred dollars per minute] if they do not have the bottles delivered on time. The storage warehouse was huge and holds millions of dollars worth of beer but the beer is moved and distributed continually, staying in the warehouse for no more than about 3 days. The only disappointment was that our tour guide wasn’t as generous as previous guides, because she didn’t give us any beers to sample at the end of the tour. Maybe next time… 

PS – Do you know the meaning of the highlighted words – Look them up in a dictionary! 

Participants: Alex – Chile

Christina – Spain 

Isadora – Brazil 

Lloyd – S Korea 

Marc – Switzerland 

Meline – Switzerland 

Nalu – Brazil 

Rebecca – S Korea

5 Ways to Learn More During Accelerate

BROWNS accelerate

In class, every day you're learning many new things: words, phrases, grammar, different ways to organize and present information in spoken and written English. It can be difficult to remember it all and sometimes it can be overwhelming. 

You also study with a number of other students and you are all different: some learn faster, some learn slower, some speak very fluently, some know lots of vocabulary. Everyone benefits from studying with other people but you also need time to slow down and focus just on your needs. 

Learning a language is, in some ways, like learning to drive a car. You have a driving instructor who can show you what to do and teach you the road rules, but you can't just sit in the car and watch – you have to do it yourself, practice regularly and slowly you will become more confident and fluent. When you learn a language, you have your teachers to help make things clearer for you and guide you, but you have to be active and positive and take responsibility for your own learning. 

This is where Accelerate comes in! You have one hour every day of Accelerate time – use it wisely to focus on what you think is important and what you need. 

5 tips to help you get more out of Accelerate: 

1. Talk to your teacher in your coursebook-based class and the Accelerate teacher – they can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and the best way to use your Accelerate time.

2. Be curious and ask questions – when you are doing Accelerate study and you see something new, interesting, difficult or confusing, ask the Accelerate teacher. 

3. Try Extensive Reading. Extensive reading means: 

• You choose to read something that is interesting to you and is not too difficult to understand. Try to read one Graded Reader from the Accelerate library per week – they're perfect! 

• You relax and enjoy what you are reading and learn English at the same time! 

• You develop not only your reading skills but also your understanding of vocabulary, grammar and written English. 

Check out this video of Oxford teacher trainer Verissimo Toste explaining the benefits of Extensive Reading.

4. When you watch a DVD from the Accelerate library: 

• Watch it at least once with no subtitles and really listen to it! 

• Then watch it again with subtitles and check how much you understood. 

• Make notes about new, interesting, difficult or confusing language. 

• Ask the Accelerate teacher about the new, interesting, difficult or confusing language you wrote down. 

5. After you learn some new grammar or vocabulary in Accelerate, use it to chat to other students or the teacher – experiment with it! Maybe you'll make some mistakes, but then the Accelerate teacher can correct you and help you understand it better. 

Try these 5 tips and I'm sure you'll really Accelerate your learning! Enjoy 🙂 Kyle


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